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Organize Your Notes with Lodown

The Smart Way to Manage Your Notes
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Our Story

Lodown was founded with a simple goal: to help students organize their notes and become more productive; making learning easier and more effective.

Our Vision

We believe that the key to academic success is organization - empowering students to study more efficiently and achieve better results.


Our AI technology is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, making it easy for students to focus on what matters most: their education.

Who are we
How it works

How it Works

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Capture Audio

Capture audio recordings of your lectures, discussions, and study sessions. Lodown automatically transcribes and generates notes from your recordings, making it easy for you to review your notes and stay organized.


Easily find specific details in your notes with our intelligent search function, streamlining the studying and reviewing process.

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Synthesize Data

Simplifies intricate data into organized notes, offering a concise overview of your coursework. Lodown allows you to swiftly identify key concepts, review crucial details, and prepare for exams.


"This tool is a game-changer for note-taking during meetings and lectures"


Choose the plan that's best for you

Every month
3 recording hours
50 minutes per note
25 smart search queries
Key Features
Upload audio files
Edit transcript & notes
Glossary items
Ask questions about your notes with Q&A
Find similar notes with the Related feature
Every month
15 recording hours
1 hour 30 minutes per note
500 smart search queries
Everything in Free, plus
Sticky notes
Record video
 Coming Soon 
Upload PowerPoint slides
 Coming Soon 
Every month
30 recording hours
3 hours per note
Unlimited smart search queries
Everything in Basic, plus
AI Autocomplete
 Coming Soon 
Share notes
 Coming Soon 

The next step is yours. Get in touch with us!

Thank You for Your Interest in Lodown!

Austin, Texas 78701

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